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Wealth Management Process

The Wealth Management Process is collaborative and addresses your personal goals.

The process begins with a Discovery Meeting. This gives me an opportunity to learn about your family, relationships, values, goals, interests, current advisor relationships, and assets. The information will be compiled into a Total Client Profile.

The next step is the Investment Plan. This document lays everything out and provides a foundation and focus for the long-term. You are a partner in the investment process, and we begin taking steps to address advanced planning issues such as wealth enhancement, wealth conservation, asset protection and charitable giving, as appropriate.


Wealth Enhancement:
Research strategies designed to maximize the tax efficiency of current assets and cash flow while achieving both growth and preservation goals

Wealth Conservation: Institute strategies designed to structure the legally-binding future disposition of current and protected assets for the maximum benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. Every effort is made to minimize the effect of estate taxes on your family

Asset Protection: Employ strategies designed to ensure a person's wealth is not taken from him or her unjustly

Charitable Giving: Utilizing available assets to maximum charitable intent so you can financially support causes that are important to you